Tory politicians desperately need your help.

Every day they have to work jobs they know they're unqualified for. 

Years spent backstabbing colleagues and destroying the country have taken their toll.

But you can make sure they don't cause any more harm to themselves and others.

At the next election you can give them the

early retirement they crave.

The only thing Michael loves more than locking up poor people for taking drugs is taking drugs himself. That and introducing drastic cuts to education. Would make a wonderful addition to any home, just don’t leave any knives lying around, as Michael does have a history of backstabbing.

Boris likes getting his hair ruffled, rugby-tackling small children and being the centre of attention. Too unqualified to do even the most basic of tasks, Boris would be much happier removed from any position of power or responsibility.

We can make every Tory MP actually sit down and watch I, Daniel Blake. Or we could run a phone bank to get them out of Parliament.

For just

£3 a month

£5 a month

£10 a month

For just

For just

We will negotiate the return of

their souls from which ever  entity currently has them in their possession. Or we could run one of our Unseat campaign days in their area.

We can hire someone to call Tory MPs and tell them how great they are so they don't need validation through the destruction of people's lives. Or we can make a social media film attacking their policies.

How you can Adopt a Tory


Join our monthly direct debit
Adopt a Tory plan 


Tory MPs lose their seats
and can no longer harm 

themselves or the country  


Momentum mobilises tens of thousands of activists to help Labour win the next election. 


End the pain and look good while doing it.

"Take out the trash while you bring home the shopping with this stylish Tote"

"Every Tory wants to hug

this hoodie"

"Show your concern

for Tory MPs with this

elegant t-shirt"

Adoption is a big commitment.
If you're not ready, you can still help out.

A one-off donation will help Momentum keep up the pressure on this failing Tory government. Please click the button below to give a one-off donation. 

Adopting a Tory will not allow you to take one home. All proceeds raised will go towards Momentum's work to bring about a Labour government in the interests of the many not the few.

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